Club Roles

Lorraine Towers
Club Photographer

Takes photos for Club archives at events & competitions

Ava Harvey
Junior Club Photographer

Takes photos for Club archives at events & competitions


Lesley Borthwick
Social Group Coordinator

The aim of the Group is to help raise funds for the Club by applying for external funding and organising & running fun events throughout the year. 

We're always looking for more parent volunteers to join the Group - so if you'd like to help out - or would like any information on joining the Group - please contact us.

Many thanks to each of our volunteers!

Kirsty Beaton
Bonus Ball Organiser


The Bonus Ball Organiser is a member of the Fundraising Group and is responsible for running the weekly fundraiser.

Kirsty Beaton
BG Proficiency Awards Coordinator
and League Competition Manager


Implements the BG Proficiency Awards Scheme at CETC, distributing all Awards information to Club members.

Georgia Clark
Gymnast of the Month Awards Coordinator

Collates monthly recognition awards for Club gymnasts

Lauren Jeffrey, Kayleigh Kerr & Janis Harvey
Public Facebook Administrators

Works as part of the Facebook Administration Team to:

  • Keep the CETC Facebook page up to date, with news, photos and video footage from Club events
  • Moderate site content and control security settings

CETC Archives Manager
Madeline Smith

Collates and files all CETC results, photos, adverts, flyers, articles etc.

Events Assistant- vacant

Assists with the organising of competitions and fundraising events.

Lucy Ellis & Georgia Clark
Noticeboard Managers

Updates & maintains the Noticeboards at Club training Venues.