September 2019

Tubing Fundraiser!

  • 21 September 2019
  • cetc_news

After a cancelled session a few weeks earlier due to high winds- CETC held a Tubing fundraiser at Midlothian Snowsport Centre, Hillend on Saturday 21st September 2019 - which was well attended by family & friends.
Thanks to Janis & Dougie for organising- & to everyone who supported the day.

SG August Nationals Qualifier

  • 1 September 2019
  • cetc_secretary

The final Scottish National Championships Qualifier of the year was held at Bells Sports Centre in Perth on 24th & 25th August 2019.
CETC had 44 gymnasts taking part in this event, with many competing at higher levels than in previous competitions, to try to gain scores to qualify at Scottish Nationals.
Despite it being a VERY hot weekend - all the gymnasts did very well- & pushed themselves to do their best - with lots of them competing routines & passes for the first time in competition.
Thank you to all our coaches, judges & officials at this event - as we couldn't submit our entries without you!
Also well done & thank you to all the CETC parents & team-mates in the audience - for being the loudest & most encouraging supporters at this event!
It really does make a big impact on our gymnasts! Well done everyone!
Congratulations to all our medalists :
Jamie Adams - 1st
(NDP1 9-10)
Asia Donaldson - 1st (NDP1 7-8)
Archie Lawson - 1st (NDP2 7-8)
Fergus Swift - 2nd (NDP2 9-10)
Zander Donaldson- 1st (NDP3 9-10)
Lacey Smith - 1st (NDP3 9-10)
Crawford Greig - 1st (NDP4 9-10)
Amelia Lawson - 2nd (NDP4 11-12)
Emma Hamilton - 2nd (NDP4 13+)
Holly Allfrey- 2nd (NDP5 9-12)
Bruce McDougall - 3rd (NDP6 11-12)
Ellie McDonaugh - 2nd (NDP6 17+)
Madeline Smith - 1st (FIG 13-14)
Kelly Wynne - 1st (FIG 15-16)
Ava Harvey - 3rd (FIG 15-16)
Ciara Donlevy - 1st (FIG Senior women)
Caitlin O'Brien - 2nd (FIG Senior women)

Jamie Adams - 3rd
(NDP1 9-10)
Olivia Fleming - 3rd (NDP1 7-8)
Evie Munro - 2nd (NDP2 9-10)
Lacey Smith - 1st (NDP4 9-10)
Crawford Greig - 2nd (NDP4 9-10)
Kelly Wynne - 1st (NDP6 15-16)
Madeline Smith - 2nd (FIG DEV 13-14)
Caitlin O'Brien - 1st (FIG DEV 17+)
Ciara Donlevy - 2nd (FIF DEV 17+)