Leona Scott

  • 27 January 2018
  • cetc_admin

Name: Leona Scott
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Edinburgh
Living In: Edinburgh/Stirling
Relevant Experience: 9 years
Coaching Qualification: UKCC 2 Trampolining, Club Judge, First Aid Coaching for: CETC and SUTGC

Leona began trampolining at the age of 10 at a recreational class at the Crags Sport Centre, Edinburgh. After 6 months of trampolining, Leona was invited to join the CETC in 2009. Since 2010, Leona has competed in every Scottish Nationals, winning medals since her very first one at Club H level.

Her biggest achievement was winning the Scottish Form Trophy at the 2013 Scottish Nationals.

She began the 2014 season with the new competition structure at NDP6 for both trampolining and DMT. She qualified for Scottish Nationals and Regional Finals for DMT and won gold at both events. She then went on to represent Scotland at Home Nations in 2015 for Senior Ladies at DMT, and secured third place.
Nowadays she travels to and from Edinburgh and Stirling as she attends Stirling University, studying for a Sports Studies degree. While at Stirling she competes and coaches for Stirling University Trampoline and Gymnastics Club, where they have recently just won the 2016/17 League Title
for the first time in 8 years.

Leona completed her UKCC level 2 course in October last year, and has already started modules 1 and 2 for her UKCC level 3 course. She hopes to complete her level 3 course by the end of this year, as she thoroughly enjoys being part of the CETC coaching team, and looks forward to progressing her skills, both as a coach and a gymnast.