• 30 April 2014
  • cetc_admin

On 27 and 28 April 2014, I along with two other parents from the Club, attended the trampoline judging course run by Scottish Gymnastics. 
The course lasts two days and is organised at various venues across the country throughout the year.
The course content covers all aspects of judging, including the shape and form expected, applicable deductions, judging format, scoring calculations and much more!!  No previous trampoline knowledge is required. I have developed my personal understanding of the sport and increased my knowledge of the judging system!  
I can now support the Club at future competitions by helping meet the required ratio of competitors and judges, allowing coaches to support competitors. It also means I can complement coaches’ advice and support to my child, to enhance her development -  and for me, it means an addition to my CV!

As a parent, if you are considering becoming a judge, sign yourself up for the next course.  What’s to loose??