Trampoline, DMT & Tumbling World Championships 2018

  • 6 November 2018
  • cetc_secretary

The 2018 Trampoline, Double Mini & Tumbling World Championships take place in St Petersburg, Russia from the 7th – 10th November.
Huge Good Luck to CETC & BG DMT Squad member, CAITLIN O'BRIEN  who will compete in the Senior Womens DMT category (qualification rounds on Thursday 8th November)
You can follow the Finals action on the BBC Sport website, and on the BBC Sport app on the 8th, 9th and 10th November. The FIG will also be live streaming all finals on their YouTube channel.
Here's what's taking place on each day of the Championships:

November 7th
Individual men’s and women’s trampoline qualification, men’s double mini trampoline qualification, women’s tumbling qualification

November 8th
Men's and women’s trampoline synchro qualification, women’s double mini trampoline qualification, men’s tumbling qualification, all-around team finals

November 9th
Men’s and women’s trampoline synchro finals, men’s double mini trampoline final, women’s tumbling final

November 10th
Individual men’s and women’s trampoline semi-finals and final, women’s double mini trampoline final, men’s tumbling final

Follow British Gymnastics on Twitter for Competition score updates, Instagram for behind the scenes action, and Facebook for daily reports and more. Our event page will be the hub for a run-down of competition reports and results.  Follow the live scores and take a look at the full competition timings on the FIG website.

CETC Head Coach, Lauren Jeffrey will be heading out to St Petersburg on Sunday as GB DMT Team coach for the World Age Group Championships 2018, which follow the Worlds Competition this week.
Good Luck to all Team GB competitors in both events - especially the Scottish gymnasts- Caitlin, Kim & Ava!!!!!