Class Information

Club - Classes for individuals who are interested in progressing into competitive trampolining/DMT, participating in Scottish Circuit competitions and onto British Level events in Individual trampolining /Synchro/DMT. Suitable for ages 5 years (P1) +.

Recreational - Teaches the basic moves and routines of trampolining through fun and games, to increase flexibility, co-ordination and fitness for 5 years + (P1)

DMT (Double-Mini Trampoline) - is a combination of gymnastics, tumbling and trampolining, involving speed, power and grace. Suitable from 6 years +. Trampolining, gymnastics or diving background desirable.

Adults - Classes in trampolining & DMT designed to be both entertaining and challenging, to improve fitness for recreational participants, with opportunities to lead into competitive trampolining if desired. Ages 18 years +.

©Bouncing Babes - Offering parents, & children aged 2- up to 5 years (pre-school) a chance to bond in a fun, relaxed session, aimed to develop balance and co-ordination through sensory play and music.

Strength & Conditioning - Specially structured classes to help increase fitness, strength & flexibility, aiding the development of trampolinists and DMT gymnasts. 

Active Schools - Jumpstarters classes introduce the fundamentals of trampolining in a fun setting. Basic moves are taught as an introduction to the sport, and youngsters with an interest in progressing are encouraged to move onto recreational or Club class sessions.