Club Kit


The deadline for orders in 2021 are the dates listed below.
Orders will be accepted in between these dates, but the order will not be placed until the next ordering date.

January 31st January 2021
March 7th March 2021
May  2nd May 2021
June 20th June 2021
September  5th September 2021
Christmas Order 7th November 2021

Club Competition leotards should not be worn to training. This saves unnecessary wear and tear and over-washing. Specific training leotards are available, or appropriate sports wear can be worn.

CETC have a Club Kit Resale Service, to sell on outgrown or unwanted Club Kit items such as leotards,tracksuits, boys whites, sweatshirts etc. If you have any items you wish to resell, or are looking to purchase second-hand Kit, please contact the Club Kit organiser, 
Lauren Millar at:  who will be happy to give you more information.

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