Honorary Life Members

Over the years, many parents & helpers have contributed to the running & the continuing success of the Club - for which we are extremely grateful.

From time to time, there have been parents or helpers who have gone above & beyond the call of duty, and devoted their time, enthusiasm & continued support to CETC, which has made a special impression on those involved in running the Club.

The Club have presented their most prestigious award of 'HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP' to the following dedicated parents, and we thank them for their past & current contribution to the progress of the Club.


I joined Edinburgh University Trampoline Club in my Fresher’s Week in Sept 1981 and bounced enthusiastically but with no style and limited ability, once or twice a week throughout the 4 years of my Maths degree course, qualifying as a Coach and becoming President of the Club in my final year.  Most of my life-long friends (including my wife) were either members of that club or partners of members or, in many cases, both.

I first came in contact with CETC when my children started going to classes in the early 2000’s, with my eldest child Jamie remaining an active member (and coach and judge) until they left Scotland a few years ago.

The Head Coach (Lauren J) spotted my ability to distinguish between a Barani and a Biriani and persuaded me to go on a Club Judging Course in November 2009, followed by County Judge in February 2012 and DMT (County) in October 2013.  Since then, I have spent around 75 happy days judging at various competitions for the Club, mainly in Scotland, but with the occasional jaunt ‘down south’.  I have also been the Club’s Chairperson for a while – which helps me keep in touch with what’s going on in the Club.

My other main roles in life are mediocre husband and father of 2 grown-up children, transport planner, assessor of the expedition part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and a keen hill-walker, with 40 happy years spent bagging all of the Munros and Tops (>3000 ft) in Scotland, with my last one successfully bagged in October 2019 (luckily just a few months before the first Covid lock-down would have got in the way).

David is an asset to the Club, & in appreciation of his fantastic support over many years, he was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of CETC at the Club Championships in November 2023. David continues to support the Club in any way he can, including regularly judging at events, and attending local meetings on behalf of CETC.



Norman (& his wife Rhona) became involved in the Club when his three children joined the Lasswade classes in 2009. The children- Paige, Taylor & Cole- have now grown up & moved on from CETC, with Taylor continuing to compete & coach until October 2019.
As a C.A, Norman was asked (roped-in!) to audit the Club’s accounts one year- which he kindly agreed to - & he’s been overseeing the accounts annually for many years since then- which is very much appreciated.

Although his children no longer attend CETC classes, Norman continues to give regular advice on all things financial (usually complicated!)- in a way that can be understood!

Norman gives a presentation/resume of the Accounts at the Club AGM’s, & has recently attended SG on-line Webinars on behalf of CETC, sharing relevant information.

We are very grateful for Norman’s continued support at the Club - & were delighted to award him a prestigious & well-deserved ‘Honorary Life Membership’ of CETC at the Club Championships 2019. Thanks Norman!


Sandra began helping out at CETC when daughter Lauren joined the Club after attending a Development class at the Crags, in 2006. 

She has been an invaluable member of CETC since then, organising the Swescore computer recording of scores at many Scottish, British & local events over the years. 

Sandra has also been the Club's Safeguarding Officer during that time, making sure that CETC/ SG/BG Child Protection policies are adhered to, and ensuring the well-being of all the youngsters at the Club. 

Always willing to help out at fundraising & social events, she also regularly attends Club meetings and AGM's.

Although Sandra recently retired from her day job, & now shares the S.O. post at CETC, she continues to keep very busy, & can always be relied upon to help out when needed, and we hope that she will continue to take an active role at the Club. 

Sandra is only the 4th recipient of a CETC Honorary Life Membership - which she was awarded at the Club Championships in November this year - and very well deserved too!

Thank you Sandra!

Moira is mum to Lauren & Kayleigh, and has been involved with trampolining since Lauren was 9 - quite some time - & much longer than she cares to work out!

She started off volunteering as Club Secretary when CETC was founded by Lauren in 2006 (just to help get the Club started .........) and continues to devote many hours each week to keep on top of enquiries, & to distribute information to all members, as well as managing her day job, working in paediatric SLT for the NHS.

Moira attends various Club, Forum & Hub meetings to support CETC, and there's not many questions she can't answer about the Club! Moira also helps out the annual Club Championships, & at many fundraising events, & is well known for her successful 'Beetle Drive' fundraising event held a few years ago - which she's always being asked to run again! She is certainly a well-known name and face amongst CETC members!

Moira was delighted to be presented with an Honorary Life Membership of CETC at the 10th Anniversary Awards Night in November 2016.

On Monday the 18 May 2015, I stood down as Chair at CETC's AGM. I've been involved as Chair (ans Vice – Chair) for quite a number of years, and I was asked to make a speech addressing the members who were present; I believe it would be useful to share my thoughts with you.

Probably like you, my initial involvement with City Of Edinburgh Trampoline Club was because of my daughter’s love of the trampoline. It would have been easy to have taken a step away from the club following her having an accident which prevented her from continuing with the sport. The club were very supportive during what was a difficult time. 

The environment which the club creates for the children and young gymnasts is really quite unique. From children who just want to have fun to one where a more serious focused approach is required to allow a person to develop their skills to world level, is possible at CETC. There is a warm feel to this club which genuinely is looking to achieve the best for each child. It was because of this and the really great support that the coaches offer that I wanted to assist the club.

There are many meetings which CETC attend such as East Lothian Gymnastics Forum, Prestonpans Sports Hub, Scottish Gymnastics meetings, and many other meetings to secure hall time and negotiate costs for hall hire, and Active School work............ the list continues. This all creates additional work for the Club. What I wanted was very simple; it was for the coaches to focus on the work that they are best at... coaching. The other activities are simply time consuming, and my involvement in supporting CETC was to aid in allowing the coaches to remain at the trampolines while the administrative type work could be support by myself or the Club secretary, who also has to be commended for the hours of work that is given to make this a very successful club.

A young club can generally have a year or so where there is great excitement, and expectations of growing and developing. CETC even today, in my mind creates that atmosphere, some 9 years along the road. They will strive to provide the best equipment in conjunction with the best coaching possible.

Anyone considering joining a trampoline club looking to develop their skills - or simply wanting to have fun - shouldn't pass by this club; it really delivers. I've seen CETC create some tremendous results at home and abroad and more recently at World events, which have to make this club top of your list.

I sincerely hope that other parents will support the Club if even only for short periods, as it will help CETC continue to go from strength to strength. I wish all at CETC the very best, and believe that World success & results will become associated with the work they do.

(In appreciation for Andy's fantastic support over many years, he was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of CETC at the Club's AGM in May 2015. Andy will continue to act as official Photographer for the Club, and will still be involved in attending local meetings on behalf of CETC.)

David became involved with CETC after his daughter Rebecca was spotted by Head Coach Lauren, at the annual recreational trampoline competition at Craiglockhart Sports Centre, Edinburgh, 
when Rebecca was then invited to join CETC at the Crags in 2006.

Shortly after, Rebecca’s mum Allison, also started helping out at the Club – doing manual recording and certificate writing at competitions. Allison and Davie started organising bag-packing fundraisers at supermarkets in & around Edinburgh – helping to raise a substantial amount of money for Club funds over the years.

Davie decided (with only a little persuasion!) to undertake a Trampoline Judging course, in order to support the Club at Scottish Gymnastics events.  Davie has since judged at many Scottish, local & Club competitions- fully supporting the gymnast entries from CETC. He has also been regularly asked to present medals & certificates at CETC Championships – which he has always carried out with enthusiasm & praise for all involved.

Davie (and Allison) was also a regular attender at CETC Club meetings & AGM’s throughout the years- with his suggestions & advice gratefully received on many occasions. Davie held the post of Club  Chair and subsequently Vice-Chair for many years – before finally resigning his post at the Club AGM in March 2014.

Davie and Allison’s daughter, Rebecca, retired from competitive DMT after the British National Championships in 2010 due to a recurring knee injury, and subsequently, competitive trampolining after the Scottish Nationals in 2013. Rebecca continues to pass on her experience & expertise at the Club as a Level 2 Trampoline coach. 

As a mark of appreciation for his services to the Club, Davie was presented with an Honorary Life Membership of CETC at the 2014 AGM – only the second ever recipient of this Award.

Graham became involved with trampolining, when he took his son William along to classes at the Crags Sports Centre in Edinburgh. Classes were run by the Council, before management of the Crags passed over to Edinburgh Leisure, and Lauren Jeffrey began coaching the trampoline classes there. 

Lauren founded CETC, based at the Crags, in 2006, and the first Club Committee was created - with Graham at the helm as Chair. One of Graham’s initial tasks was to Chair the very first CETC AGM, which was held at the Commonwealth Pool, reading out loud the proposed CETC Constitution, cementing the official formation of the Club.

Graham continued in the role for over 3 years, remaining with the Club when they moved to their new training venue at the Lasswade Sports Centre, Midlothian in 2008. By this time, William had sadly given up his trampolining, but not before winning a medal one year at Perth – possibly because he was the only one in his group! But Graham continued in his role as Chair, giving his sound advice & help on all matters concerning the Club.

Graham has always been a great supporter of CETC, both with his time, & generosity in donating funds during his stint as Chair, and more recently this year in 2014 - helping to support Squad training & Judge development at the Club.

Graham was presented with the first ever ‘Honorary Life Membership’ of CETC for his services to the Club in 2009 – a well-deserved honour. Thank you Graham!