Want To Join Us?

We welcome gymnasts from other clubs who want to join CETC.  We won't ask them to come for a 'trial' - just book in for a taster session to try out a class before joining us - or just apply to join straight away.
We do ask that they inform their current club/coach before joining CETC.
If a member of CETC wishes to transfer to another club, the same would apply, and it would be expected that the gymnast & their parent/guardian discussed the move with their CETC coach, prior to commencing a trial or training with the other club.
Coaches invest a great deal of time and commitment in working with their gymnasts – sometimes over a period of several years -  and it can be particularly upsetting for the coach when a gymnast leaves to join another club, especially if they and their parents have not discussed the move with the coach. 

For further information on joining, contact:

British Gymnastics Standards of Conduct

  • Individual participants should not be a member of more than one registered club at any one time except with the permission of their Principal club, and provided no conflict of interest arises .
  • Coaches must not disparage or intimidate gymnasts, or seek to poach gymnasts from their Principal club.
  • Coaches must not coach a gymnast without prior agreement from the gymnasts own coach. Acceptance of membership of a Squad will imply agreement to be trained by other coaches.