Want To Join Us?

We welcome gymnasts from other clubs who want to join CETC. We won't ask them to come for a 'trial' - just book in for a taster session to try out a class before joining us - or just apply to join straight away.

We would ask that they inform and discuss the move fully with their current coach, before committing to join CETC. If a member of CETC wishes to transfer to another club, the same courtesy applies, and we would expect the matter to be discussed with the CETC coach, the gymnast and their parents, before a decision to transfer is made.
Coaches invest a great deal of time and commitment in working with their gymnasts – sometimes over a period of several years -  and it can be particularly upsetting for the coach when a gymnast leaves to join another club, especially if they and their parents have not discussed the transfer with the coach. 

For further information, or to discuss joining, contact:

British Gymnastics Standards of Conduct

  • Individual participants should not be a member of more than one Registered Club at any one time except with the permission of their Principal club, and provided no conflict of interest arises .
  • Coaches must not disparage or intimidate gymnasts, or seek to poach gymnasts from their Principal club.
  • Coaches must not coach a gymnast without prior agreement from the gymnasts own coach. Acceptance of membership of a Squad will imply agreement to be trained by other coaches.