Bonus Ball

The Club runs a weekly fundraiser, based on the Bonus Ball number drawn each Saturday in the National Lotto draw. The Club have raised thousands of pounds over the years, from generous members who have signed up to purchase their Bonus Ball on a monthly basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Should your bonus ball number be drawn and you have not paid the fee, the prize will be given to Club funds!

If you wish to support the Club by purchasing a bonus ball - require any information (including any available numbers) or wish to check the date you have paid up to - contact Kirsty Beaton or the Club Secretary 

Thank you for your support.

No. 20
27th February 2021
No. 10
20th February 2021
The Harveys
No. 48
13th February 2021
Angela Donald
No. 6
6th February 2021
Lauren Millar
No. 42
30th January 2021
Andy Innes
No. 56
23rd January 2021
Ann Swift
No. 27
16th January 2021
Rachel Pettigrew
No. 53
9th January 2021
Mathilda Ellis
No. 37
2nd January 2021
Moira Dalgleish
No. 6
26th December 2020
Lauren Millar
No. 23
19th December 2020
Sam Smith
No. 59
12th December 2020
Andy Innes
No. 18
5th December 2020
Kayleigh Kerr
No. 32
28th November 2020
Dylan Kilfedder
No. 47
21st November 2020
Holly Allfrey