Club 'Lockdown' Championships 2020

  • 16 December 2020
  • cetc_admin

We didn’t think we could do it this year- but yes, we did!!!
Normally the annual Club Championships is a great ending to the year- a whole day of trampoline, DMT & Synchro competition(including DMT Synchro just for fun!!) – with Officials, Judges & a huge number of coach & parent helpers, making sure that the fun day runs smoothly for all the gymnasts.
With COVID 19 restrictions still in place, it looked as if this years’ event would have to be cancelled – until Head Coach Lauren came up with the brilliant idea of holding not just a day- but a week-long Club Champs this year within classes - and with a social distancing difference!
All Club gymnasts attending classes at every venue, were given the opportunity to enter the event & ‘showcase’ their chosen routine for their coaches & classmates. Every youngster who entered to take part received a certificate, medal & Club Lockdown Champs 2020 t-shirt. Several individual trophies were awarded for special recognition this year, with the annual Club Trophies awarded to gymnasts who had succeeded during the two SG competitions in February, CETC initial ‘BounceBack’ sessions, & recent training sessions- which were all taken into account to decide the winners- tough decisions to be made on their allocation, as everyone had done so well throughout the ‘BounceBack Programme’! Double winners were selected for each Annual Award this year, and 3 synchro pairs crowned joint Champions!!
The annual trophy winners were announced on the Club members Facebook page at the end of Club Championships week, with the trophies presented at classes the following week.
It wasn’t quite the usual exciting Club Championships day – with the opportunity for Club gymnasts from all classes & venues to get together- & for parents to have a bit of a social day – but at least everyone could still look forward to an ‘event’ of sorts (more or less the only one this year!) & the chance to participate in a fun- but different - ‘Lockdown’ version of Club Champs for 2020!

Thanks to those who helped make the event possible for our gymnasts, including Lesley (trophies), Kayleigh (t-shirts), Fiona (cert printing)- & of course Lauren – for the brilliant idea & everything else!!
Hopefully by November 2021 – we will be able to hold our ‘normal’ Club Championships again! Yay!!