Scottish National Championships 2018

  • 8 October 2018
  • cetc_secretary

Congratulations to all our fantastic CETC gymnasts who qualified to take part in the 2018 Scottish National Trampoline, DMT & Tumbling Championships held in Perth on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September. Everyone had a great weekend - & came home with some awesome results!! Well done!
The results from Day 1 of the Scottish National Championships were:

Izzy Towers 9th NDP 1 TRA 11-12F
Taylor Robertson 2nd  NDP 5 DMT 15+F
Amelia Lawson 3rd  NDP 2 TRA 11-12F
Emma Forrest 4th NDP 2 TRA 11-12F
Olivia Purves 3rd NDP 6 DMT 13-14F
Katie Brown 3rd NDP 6 DMT 15-16F
Leona Scott 1st NDP 6 DMT 17+F
Kirsty Beaton 4th NDP 4 TRA 13+F
Ellie McDonaugh 5th NDP 4 TRA 13+F
Olivia Purves 7th NDP 4 TRA 13+F
Kelly Wynne 1st FIG DMT 13-14F
Ava Harvey 2nd FIG DMT 13-14F
Madeline Smith 3rd FIG DMT 13-14F

Results from Day 2 were:

Kelly Wynne 3rd NDP 5 TRA 13-14F
Faith Jowett 8th NDP 1 DMT 13+F
Gail McDonald 4th NDP 1 DMT 9-10F...
Leona Scott 3rd  NDP 5 TRA 15+F
Katie Brown 5th NDP 5 TRA 15+F
Taylor Robertson 6th NDP 5 TRA 15+F
Poppy Hughes 18th NDP 5 TRA 15+F
Erin Towers 6th NDP 1 DMT 11-12F
Izzy Towers 7th NDP 1 DMT 11-12F
Leah Borthwick 1st NDP 3 DMT 13+F
Aaron Loftus 1st NDP 3 DMT 13+M
Ava Harvey 3rd  NDP 6 TRA 13-14F
Poppy Hughes 4th NDP 2 DMT 13+F
Emily Gooch 9th NDP 2 DMT 13+F

Well done to you all - &  a massive thanks, as always, to our brilliant coaching team, who matted, encouraged, & supported all the gymnasts to do their best on the day. Thanks also to all our wonderful supportive parents who judged & helped officiate on the day too! We couldn't do it without you all! THANK YOU!
(full results under 'competition results')