SG Leadership Course

  • 8 March 2021
  • cetc_admin

CETC are the first club in Scotland to pilot the on- line Scottish Gymnastics Leadership Course. The number of CETC coaches & gymnasts showing interest enabled 3 courses to be rolled out consecutively over February & March 2021. A 4th on-line course is scheduled for CETC members in April/May.
The course content is designed to be accessible & relevant for any club members, including gymnasts, coaches, committee members & volunteers from age 12 years & up.
The 4 learning outcomes allow participants to explore areas such as understanding self & others, communication, and feedback, planning & review, and finally, leadership into practice.
We are excited that 30 learners have started their journey into leadership and it’s been a great opportunity to facilitate our young people in gaining a transferable qualification for their CV's throughout lockdown. 
Thanks to Fiona Fyfe (tutor & Performance Coach) for facilitating the courses, supported by CETC Head Coach, Lauren Jeffrey.